A complete engineering evaluation of The JoyRider is not feasible at this time.
Therefore we have had to rely on minimal in house testing procedures. We
know that each spring (x4) is rated from 73 to 89 lbs., maximum load at
100,000 cycles (bounce). We have tested our seats, frame and hardware to
support 266 lbs. (32 gal. of water) although not over a period of use. We do
not know how this information applies to shifting weights. Therefore it is
important for you the owner to discuss this information with your partner.
We do offer these important guide lines.

1. When seated on The JoyRider, ALWAYS keep both of your feet firmly
on the floor. The JoyRider is a chair not a sling.

2. Never allow more than one person to sit on the seat of The JoyRider at
one time. Do not ever let anyone sit on the lap of the person using the chair.

3. Always pretest and check The JoyRider for any signs of stress, cracks, over
extended / stretched or sagging springs, or loose joints or fittings.

4. Never disassemble the upper frame, springs, or hardware for any reason.

5. Drugs, alcohol and some medications will impair your judgment.
Use proper discretion.

6. Call immediately should ANY sign of defect arise.

7. If for any reason you question the safety of your JoyRider, return it within
30 days of purchase for a full refund or one year for repair or replacement.

8. Never clean The JoyRider with oil based solvents.

9. Do not expose The JoyRider to outdoor elements re: sun, moisture, extreme
heat or cold.

Should you have ANY questions or comments about The JoyRider please call
or fax Kirk Essler at (510) 524-5036. I will be happy to discuss any aspect of
use, care or construction.

The JoyRider 1565 Santa Clara St. Richmond, CA 94804